A Beautiful Day

It was a beautiful day today.
             Yes, a really good day.

The weather was lovely,
       in fact, a bit nippy,
                  just the way I like it.

And the conversations I had
             with my friends and workmates
                          were at once stimulating and funny.

The smiles I had all day
                 were no mere ghosts
                                      but the actual genuine items.

And the necessary chores of the day
                                       were surprisingly delightful.
In fact,
           the whole daily routine went by
           The day began.
           The day ended.
                                  Its hours proceeding smoothly.
I did not feel rushed.
I did not feel bored.
               Everything felt normal.
                                           So normal.

Oh how comforting normal can be.
Oh how refreshing.

And no ideas of suicide
                         went through my head.
And no unwanted remembrances sprang up.
Not a single cloud appeared
                                         to darken my day.

           it was a really good day,
                                                     ...for me.

September 1996