A Respectable Man

  I draw no more conclusions about life.
  I pass no further judgments.
  I accept everything that happens in it without a single comment or inquiry.
  Still I suppress nothing inside of me.
  It all seems to come naturally to me.
  This placid side of me
                              has always been there,
                                                        it seems,
                                                                hiding within me,
                                                                       waiting for the chance
                                                                                             to take over.
                                                                                                    And now, it has.
  Something inside of me has died.
          And something has come to life.
  Now I am a new man,
                      indifferent as to the world,
                                             selfish... without greed,
                                                       evil... without intent,
                                                              a fool... by nature,
                                                                        an average man,
                                                                              normal to the core,
                                                                                   and by some standards, even,

Yes. I am a respectable man. 

March 31, 1997