An Easter Greeting

Felicitations, dear friend, felicitations, felicitations.
Kindly accept my best wishes
on this happy occasion.
Hope you will enjoy this year’s celebrations.
Yes, I do sincerely hope
you will enjoy this year’s celebrations.
For indeed your Christ has risen.
Yes, indeed your deservedly Cherished Savior
has long
As for mine, dear friend, as for mine. Well…mine, it seems, is still buried deep within... No. No. Mine is still, in fact, hanging on the cross. Or should it be the crescent in my case? I don’t know, I really don’t know. Not that it matters really, crucifixion is the same, isn’t it?
Crucifixion is the same.
And my Christ is still crucified,
and I along with him.
For we are old comrades, He and I,
old mates,
old pals,
old partners in the holy struggle for the salvation
of my soul
and sanity
in this world that leaves no soul unstained,
and spares not even the modicum of sanity.
It all vanishes eventually,
don’t you see?
It all vanishes…eventually.
we will die, He and I,
and I don’t think either of us will rise again.
are not meant to have an Easter,
I don’t think.
We are not meant to bequeath hopes
and credulity,
just lingering doubts and uncertainties.
And a hapless truth,
born out of longing,
that will soon be


May 1998