Call for Attention

I shall betray you.
I shall expose you to the world.
I shall divulge every little secret you hold.
    And shall induce you to rot
                                         in a dark corner,
                                             and urine-smeared walls,
            and shall force you to behold,
                                          with your own naked eye,
                                               with your own naked soul,
                                                      while you are lying there, all alone,
                                                                                                 without a mask,
                                                                                                 or a fig-leaf,
                                                                                                      or a lie,
                                                                                                      or a truth,
                                                                                                 without a refuge,
                                                                                                      or a subterfuge,
                        how the world,
                                      the whole world,
                                               will go on without you.

And then,
         then I shall ask you to deliver my soul.

          Yes. I shall ask you to deliver my soul.

Only you can deliver my soul.
               Only a man like you,
                        a hopeless man like you,
                        a pitiful,
                                          man like you,
                                                          can deliver my soul.                          
For mine is a kindred soul.

July 1996