Stop preying upon me you carnivorous thing.
  Stop chewing upon my soul.
  There is barely enough left of me to keep you going.
  I cannot feed your lust anymore.
  My unholy remains are not worth the trouble of the hunt.
  Your predator instinct cannot be satisfied anymore.
  I am too tired to hide,
                    too tired to run,
                           too tired to ignore my deathwish,
                                                                        any longer.
  I give myself up to you totally,
               because there is nothing left of me to diminish your hunger.
  I put myself under your mercy completely,
                                      and I beg you to let me go,
                                          there is nothing more that I can give,
                                                 and would appreciate the chance to patch up
                                                                        the remains of my mind,

                                                                             the remains of my soul.

May 3, 1997