The Blessings

Count your blessings.
Count your blessings.
Stop being such an ingrate.
Stop being such a fool.
                  You have much to be thankful for
                                                             in your life,
                                   much that you should appreciate.
                                                            Your healthy body, for one,
                                                                           sheltering your shredded soul.
                                                               Your handsome face as well,
                                                                            drawing attention away
                                                                                       from your diseased mind.
    A beautiful façade, all in all,
                        under which
           much can be hidden,
        much can be stored.

Oh, how wonderful it is
                                     to be so isolated,
                                            to be so alone,
                                                 carrying within you
                            so much mysteries,
                          so much unknowns,
             even to yourself.
         Even to yourself.

A smug smile should be drawn
                              on your face
                                    all the time,
    a holier-than-thou attitude
                       will suite rather well.
                                          Oh, believe me, I can tell.
                                    Oh, yes. I can tell.
They will argue,
                 and argue.
                     But no one will ever
                                 know the truth
              about you.
No one.
And as far as I could tell,
         this is your best protection

                                       against the odds.

Summer 1996