I listen to you, sir,
              spewing off your isms like so many
                                                                    holy stones,
                                                                              so many gems
                           to an audience so willing to cherish
                                                                  you have to give,
                                           and I wish I, too, could have such
                 an appreciative audience
                                               whenever I blurt out
                                                                                   my doubts
                                                       and apologies,

for they are all that I could give.


"Stalin lives on!"
My communist friend said. –
             And a certain Old Lion too, I thought.
                                          Sly as a fox,
                                          haggard as a hillock
                                                 in the midst
                                               of a dying city,
                       his isms long considered more cherished than life,
                                                                                                               our life,
                                                                         more precious than freedom,
                                                                                                               our freedom,
                                                                      and far more costly than justice –
                           the one we will have to die for in droves,
                                                                                                     one day.
For neither I nor my friend could ever have
                                                              such a receptive audience,
                                                                                           for our what we have to say.
And while communist friend
                                   can offer certainties,
                                                          I only have


January 1999