The Fool

  There is nothing beyond myself ... I am lonely.
  There is nothing within myself ... I am empty.
  There is nothing above myself ... I am arrogant.
  There is nothing to tame myself ... I am a rebel.

  I am a rebel of a man. I am a fool.
  For rebellions always lead to defeat and disappointment.
          They bring nothing but shame and ridicule.
                     And bequeath nothing but sorrow.
  I am a sorrowful man.

  I am a sorrowful man. I am a fool.
  Only a foolish man,
               blinded by his foolishness
                   to the beauty of the world,
                                 could allow himself to live in sorrow,
                                                when sorrow can be expelled
                                                                           and the soul cured.
  Or haven’t you heard of the miracles of love?

February 28, 1997