Love and Happiness


         A rough neighborhood.
         A rundown building,
                           with sewage oozing out of its walls.

         A dank apartment
                     on the third
                               with termites invading its doors.

         A squeaking bed
                    and two naked bodies... wrestling
                                                        on a worn-out mattress.


Is there really love left in the world?
Is there happiness?


The eyes are shining.
The smiles are wide and appealing.
The skin is soft and glowing.
The aroma...intoxicating.

The robes go down gently.
The hungry flesh lies exposed...waiting.
The ravishing begins.

The ravishing begins,
                     and it goes on and on,
                      until every muscle is exhausted,
                              and all the love in the world
                                                               has been made a thousand fold.
And the pleasure and the pain
                                                are found in each other.

Is this all the beauty left in the world?
Is this happiness?

June 1996