From beyond all torment
                                                                                                                 A heretical prayer
                                                                                                            I can hear it
                                                                                                       I can feel it
                                                                                             Almost touching
                                                                                        Beyond the fragile veil of awareness
                                                                                   Of my all-too-human consciousness
                                                                              In the deepest layers
                                                                    A built-in aspiration
                                                               For fusion
                                                          For love
                                                     For warmth
                                                A kind of primordial longing
                                           A strange form of angst
                                     At any given moment
                                I can anticipate its gushing out
                           I can feel it lurking…threatening
                      Beyond all hope and despair
                 Deep within my inner self
            Beyond all doubts
     Beyond all illusions
Beyond all fears

March 28, 1997

Note: The poem can be read from the top-down and vice versa.