The Die

  The die has long been cast.
  I can hear its impassive wheeze as it falls through the air.
  I can feel my growing despair as I wait for it to plunge into the ground,
                                                                                        as I know it will,
                                                                                               as I know it must,

  For it’s inevitable.
  It’s physics pure and simple.
  I cannot change the laws of nature.
  I cannot bribe the gods.
  The only thing I can do is to live in constant anticipation
                                                                                 and angst,
                                                                 waiting for the zero hour to come,
                                                                                        and the eventual impact.

  I cannot change the laws of nature once the die is cast.

  I have to take the world as is regardless of the outcome.

April 20, 1997