The Downtrodden


  I cannot be so easily destroyed.
  The blows of life do not affect me in any serious manner anymore.
  For thanks to the sponge-like structure of my inner being,
          I can absorb all blows and all shocks.
             And I give back semen in return.
                       I let it ooze out of me, slowly,
                              as I ready myself to the next blow -
                                   my generous gift to a world
                                            that deserves nothing more out of me.
                                                                                      Nothing at all.
  Can you count my children now?
  Can you see how I populate the world with the likes of me?
  Do you see how powerful I really am?
  Do you see my revenge?
  Can you comprehend?
  Can you comprehend?


  Lady Fortune is hiding away from me.
  Lady Fortune despises me.
  Lady Fortune thinks she can run away from me forever.
  Lady Fortune thinks she can always manage to stay out of my reach,
               hiding in the darkest recesses of an unsympathetic future.
  Lady fortune thinks she is clever. Oh so clever,
                          eluding me in this devious manner.
  But I think not.
          And am willing to bet on that.
                   And I will wait Lady Fortune out,
                        marking off the passage of time
                                 with spermful drops dripping
                                                        into hate-filled ova.
                                                            And I...
                                                                      I will be there waiting for her,
                                                                              when she finally comes out.
                                                                                    And I will shout: “victory.”
                                                                                                Oh, yes, I will shout.
                                                                                                   Oh, yes, I will shout.

  She can’t hide forever.

March 4, 1997