To My Comrades In Arms

To all those who love silently
                          and are condemned to silent death.
To all those who worship
                          and know how to worship.
To all those who speak the truth
                                   in the face of their own fears,
                                            and the oppression of their own intrinsic inhibitions.
To all those who cherish life above all.
To all those who still carry the torch of hope.
To all those who still care
                     who still love
                     who still dare fight
                                             for the purity of their souls.
To my real brothers and sisters.
To my comrades in arms.
To my life companions
                 no matter how unknown,
                 no matter how far.
To my consorts.
           Yes, consorts, I say.
                           I give my words.
                           I give my thoughts.
                           I give my very voice.
                                                           For they are the best I can give.
                                                                                 The very best I have.

July 1966